Sunday, 8 May 2011

Why US Lost MMRCA :

From Fighter Planes

Strong reservation in Indian air force?? : had earlier reported how IAF Official had clarified that Indian air force will not accept any downgraded or missing components from any winning manufacturer if they deviated from original RFP, it’s clear now that since India didn’t wanted to sign CISMO and other agreements, Iaf feared downgraded avionics in American fighter jets.

Logistical and Infrastructure problems: again had reported from a senior air force official that, Indian air force could need to built a new line of logistics and infrastructure to house new line of fighter jets particularly American jets which Indian air force have never operated in 7 decade of its operations, which meant estimated 10,000 crores extra cost for operating American jets which were needed to improve and build new line of Logistical and Infrastructure .

Non committal on Radar TOT: also had reported through the same source that American proposal didn’t clarify or had confusing terms regarding Transfer of technology particularly regarding Second generation Aesa Radar which were offered by American firms , IAF suspected a downgraded or limited capability Aesa might be offered ,classic example quoted by official was of Australian F-18 SH having limited tracking and detection range due to software limitation or intentional software bug which later Australian expert were able to rectify after working on them for years with out us help .

Failing on Technical Grounds? : While our defence experts at, also consider that American jets might have under performed in some condition, until further details are given out we don’t want to speculate, but one of our defence experts believe that Boeing’s F-18 SH which has been designed for carrier operation and mostly for over the sea level flying might have suffered under high altitude test carried by Indian air force ,we are pointing out to new modern upgraded F-18 Super hornet which was offered to Indian air force which are only operated by Us Navy and Australian Air force (Mostly for sea patrol) and not the earlier F/A-18C/D models which had smaller dimensions in size, low fuel capacity and low powered engines . It is believed aircraft needed to be strengthening for carrier operations which lead to extra weight, Boeing knew about it and had offered higher trust F414-EPE, but they were not in the aircraft’s tested in India. We are avoiding speculation of F-16IN part.

Chinese angle? : Indian air force had made its self clear where this aircraft’s will be operated from, and it was not surprise that Chinese angle also will come into play in the decision, may be not a crucial factor but still a small tiny consideration. Lately Chinese have been very vocal about India buying American arms, which in then is allowing Chinese to shower Pakistan with their weapons giving them a perfect excuse.

Nuclear Platform: Basic idea of MMRCA aircraft was to purchase additional Mirage-2000-5/9 aircraft’s for multi role operations and also to supplement more aircraft’s for nuclear strike operation, its no big secret that Mirage-2000H operated by iaf have been and will be Nuke carrier for Indian air force, and now India’s Joint Nuclear command (SFC) wants to operate 40 fighter aircraft’s for similar role , which means this aircraft’s will come from MMRCA Winner or Sukhoi Su 30 MKI fleet operated by Indian Air force , Experts always looked up to MMRCA contract for that .operating American fighters for Nuclear operations could have signed all red flag from United states ,a small factor in decision making process but still a worth a thought .

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